ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


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The Syriac Syrians of Sweden address the Arab Syrian regime

By: The  (Syriac Syrians of Sweden)


We, the members of the Syrian Syriac community in Sweden condemn all the steps made by the Arab Syrian regime to interfere in the Lebanese presidential elections and by doing so try to destroy the democratic history of the country.

 We got to be refugees in the world thanks to the harsh dictatorship of the late so called Hafez al Assad. Today the situation under his son Bachar al Assad has not become any better.

Still the Syrian prisons are getting full of freedom lovers that only made one crime, the crime of speaking freely and writing what the pen wished.

 We like to have the best relations with our friends, brothers and sisters in the neighbouring country Lebanon. What the Syrian regime is doing is destroying our friendship.

  We demand that our Syrian authority do this:

  1. Stop the smuggling into Lebanon and close the illegal Borders
  1. Open diplomatic relations
  1. Stop support the terrorism of Hezbollah and the al Qaida
  1. Opening of equal embassies between the countries
  1. Release of all Lebanese political prisoners in Syria
  1. Stop invest in nuclear weapon when the people are starving
  1. Release of all Syrian political prisoners in Syria
  1. Give all human rights back to the Syrian people

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