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From Jesus to Judas

By: Charles Jalkh/Freedom Fighter
October 8/07

For 15 years, Michel Aoun and the Free Patriotic Movement were the symbol, the inspiration, and the dream of Free Lebanon. The flame was kept alive through the few pure souls who believed in something greater than themselves; Free Lebanon. During those dark years, Michel Aoun was revered as our Nelson Mandela, or Che Guevara, our George Washington. When he returned to Lebanon, he was met by hundreds of thousands. It was hoped that he becomes the “Guardian of the Revolution”, instead, he sank into the narrow alleys of local politics, and then his true dimension was revealed.

The great Michel Aoun is gone forever. Today, in his place, we see a monster, a distortion, a maimed face, an ugly sight, a Syrian collaborator, a mentally deranged man, a border-line traitor and putchist. What happened to the platform upon which we elected the FPM members of parliament on? To move from self-sacrifice to self-benefit on national live-or-die issues is utterly unacceptable. Such betrayal of our people cannot be forgiven. The Lebanese did not elect Michel Aoun so that he bargains away our votes to the Syrian and Iranian dictatorships for his personal gain or vendetta. And none of your arguments sir, foul us. What Christian privileges are you trying to restore? We thought you were defending all Lebanese and not just the Christians.

Is it perhaps the first republic which you swore to protect and failed in that mission which you may be continuing to pursue? Perhaps you have never forgiven Walid Jumblat and all those who destroyed the first republic ushering the Syrian occupation, as by their own admission, then subsequently grabbing power at the expense of the country’s independence until stepped upon by the Syrian boot. Why can’t you forgive the new Walid Jumblat ?

He has repented publicly. Saint Paul, was a persecutor of Christians before he repented, but he did repent, and we revere him today. So why not forgive your past enemies as you claim to be doing today with the Syrian butchers who are still slaughtering us. Mr. Hariri, Mr. Jumblat, Amine Gemayel, and Samir Geagea are today the spearheads of the Cedars Revolution and they are fighting for our independence. The Christian constituency reveres true defenders of Lebanon regardless of their religion or background.

This is not to say that we need to be blind to the possible irregularities that occurred under occupation and all the ensuing corruption. Solidere, a multi-billion and now-global organization, owes to the old Beirut downtown owners to settle their grievances fairly and swiftly. Investigations should be launched into the corruption regime which prospered under the Syrian occupation. Such inquisitions would surely implicate many Syrian officials. Also investigations should be launched into the FPM transactions today as well. How did it acquire its radio and TV stations?

Is it really currently training a militia? How did Michel Aoun finance his party and did he receive any funds from Iranian or Syrian sources or their proxies? These investigations should be applied to all Lebanese parties and not just the FPM. The Lebanese people are owed integrity, decent, and honest political life and structures.

He swapped the austerity of idealism for the reality of materialism. He shed the holy robe of sacrifice then wore the mask of extortion. He transformed himself from a justice seeker to a vendetta vigilante. He threw away reason and adopted empty and opportunistic dogmatism. He left the temple and the heavens, for the catacombs and hell. He changed from a “Jesus” to a “Judas”, right in front of our eyes and history, shamelessly and brazenly. The amount of anger we have now towards Michel Aoun is far greater than any gratitude we may have had for his past stances. He is deeply divisive and despised today, and there is no way in heaven or hell that we will accept him as president

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