ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


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The Middle-Eastern American Coalition:







Washington DC, September 23, 2007/MEAC  Press Release/ --


The Middle-Eastern American Coalition (MEAC) condemn the visit to New York by president Mahmoud Ahmadinajead of Iran and president Emile Lahoud of Lebanon. The visit of both men to speak at the UN and president Ahmadinajead to speak at Columbia University undermine the very essence of the freedom we yearn to protect from those intent on using terrorism as a tool of subversion and destruction.


Although the United States has an agreement in place with the United Nations to grant an entry visa to their guests, MEAC believe it is time to change these antiquated rules as the world faces the rise of another like-Hitler figures in the Middle East represented by the triumvirate axis of terror Ahmadinajead-Assad-Lahoud.


The very essence of freedom of speech is at the heart of our concern when men like Ahmadinajead and Lahoud use their freedom to speak as a propaganda tool to further divide the interests of the free world and its ability to speak freely about the atrocities committed by these men against their own people. Their freedom to speak is hindering ours.


Further, we believe that the leadership of Columbia University is sorely mistaken in its logic of providing a forum to speak to president Ahmadinajead. This sensitive issue should have been put to some sort of a democratic process with the students and alumni of Columbia University voting whether an invitation is in the best interests of the university. Inviting  such a divisive figure will needlessly create discord among the Columbia University community.


Ahmadinajead and Lahoud deserve to be snubbed by the international community

as the triumvirate snub the majority will of their own people. It is time for the free world to understand that as long as Iranians and Syrians are prevented from expressing the will of the majority of their people, and the Lebanese the will of their elected majority, continued support for terrorism will go unabated by these men representing the axis of terror. Only a free Syria, a free Iran, and a free Lebanon will ease tensions in the region and bring about the real peace so desired by all.


A Rally is planned for Monday September 24, 2007 at the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza  -  Across from the UN, 12 Noon; (2nd Avenue at 47th Street)

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