ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


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Nassralla claims his Jihadists have always avoided civilian and warns Lebanese army of killing civilian!!!

Did you know that Hezbollah:

1- Murdered all educated Shiites and slaughtered all Communist party leaders
only because they had different opinion
2- Bombed 1000's of civilian in south Lebanon
3- It was Nassrallah himself who publicly wanted to stab unborn children (we
never forget the 3 children and their parents Hezbollah bombed in Jezzine 3
month after Israel withdrawal)
4- Hezbollah worship similar ideology as Fatah el Islam

Nasrallah claims that Christian and Muslim have different views of Fateh el
Did you know that both Christian and Muslim united and supporting the
Lebanese government and its army. When Hezbollah and their allies are trying
to create division between the Lebanese police and Lebanese army at a time
Lebanese police and army are getting killed by terrorists.

Nassrallah asking who's war that is!!!! We leave this question to Nassralah
and his allies to answer... Who is against the Lebanese army and from what
border these terrorists have entered Lebanon and from what border these
terrorist have been getting arms??????

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