ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


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Master in  Middle East Studies, Uppsala University-Sweden.




Roni Doumit Harb

 The UN must act to save Lebanon

                                                                                                               WCCR in Europe


The World Council for the Cedars Revolution in Europe calls on the United Nations to interfere in Lebanon and force a solution that will take the country out of its crisis and release it from the siege of the Iranian Hezballa.

 The UN was founded to solve this kind of crisis and what is happening in Lebanon today does not give a good picture for the free International community.

 The governmental house and the UN house in Lebanon are being under siege since the first of December 2006.

The UN staff must enter between hezballa tents to get to their work in the ESCWA building in Beirut.

 We believe a new president should be chosen under UN supervision with the goal to implement all UN resolutions and put Lebanon back on the map of free democratic countries.

The UN should ask its powerful members to support Lebanon with all means to achieve this goal and succeed in this great challenge.

Lebanon needs the UN now more than ever and the UN can not afford to loose the only democratic country in the Middle East (beside the state of Israel).

It is time that super powers and the United Nations step forward and do what is right to do towards Lebanon; the Lebanese are counting on you.

Long Live Free Lebanon

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