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Master in  Middle East Studies, Uppsala University-Sweden.




Roni Doumit Harb

Father Albert Sherfen is still calling for his freedom


When the Arab Syrian Army took over Lebanon on October the 13th 1990 they took many new prisoners. They were both soldiers and civilians. The Antonine Father Albert Sherfen of Deir l Alaa had just been transformed to that monastery. The Syrian army broke in to that holy place killing and burning what and whoever they could find.

They choose not to kill this great father but took him with them in their trucks. Most of his artistic work got burned and left behind in ashes. Father Albert was not just a priest or a monk. He was also a great musician and poet. Today we can still hear many good gospels from his life work.

People have several times seen father Sherfen in different jails, from the Palestinian section of the Damascus jail to the Tadmor jail to Hasake jail to the last one witch was in the Sidnaya prison a few years ago.

Father have many old friends and family members that remember him very well and remember the great charisma this man had and for sure still has. He was the mentor for many people around him. He gave so much to so many people and now some of them are trying to give something back by never forgetting him and always fighting for his freedom and continuing the struggle to get him back home.

Father Albert Sherfen is and should continue to be a Lebanese national symbol for freedom and living martyrdom.

The Vatican and other churches have done many things for this matter but until today nothing gave any positive result.

We should never stop talking and writing about father Albert until he and all the other Lebanese prisoners in Syrian jails are free and back home. 

The fight continues and with Gods help we shall overcome the difficulties.

God bless you all and God be with father Albert Sherfen until we have him among us.

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