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Aramean/Syriac Identity


By: Theodora Akkurt
It is very important for us to enlighten our youth in their identity.
Then we might be able to fight it in order to make them realize the importance of knowing our own identity.
Some ask what should we call ourselves
Which is the right name to take on ?
Some say Arameans and some say Syriacs
The only language most of our youth comprehend today is the actual language in the country they are born and raised in
Then you can ask yourself how should you proceed
Indeed this much I can say that we can and shall not in any ways forgive or neglect our own language which is one of the oldest language in the world
Aramaic is a very beautiful language thatís why we should begin our process in enlighten our youths about their identity
Because when they learn how to comprehend their own language then they get so many other things for free like teaching it to others.
Maybe singing it , or get in the process of  rewriting history
Whatever u decide to do, you always have to keep in mind
that our language is one of a kind.
Once you can comprehend the language you can learn how to appreciate it better
maybe you even can write a letter to important ambassadors or governments
It can open so many doors
Knock out any floors,
go to church and pray,
take advantage of our heritage which is our culture , our trades and marks.
I can guarantee you that it will take sparks.
Some say everyone just talks and talks.
Well if we donít take the step in enlightening our youths, how will they learn?
How will they comprehend their language?
Who will do it if not us cuz our youths are our future
They are the next generation who will and shall take stand for what we will be
For who they can be?
For raising their own family in the right spirit of Our Lord
If you do that, you donít have to think about anything else
Thatís the least thing you can afford
Bring out the best of two worlds, the common language and the right one have to give.
We should be genuinely proud of what we have accomplished so far
We have come a very long way today, for example most of us own our own car
Which maybe back in our motherland
back in the villages or cities we come from you didnít have that opportunity
Most come from very poor places
Thatís what maybe sometimes you can see it in our childrenís faces
Donít throw something as beautiful as our heritage
Our beautiful land away
Donít give a damn about what others have to say
Nothing is as good as nice as knowing our own identity
Once you do that you can bring it on.
Make ourselves and our country and forefathers proud
Even under the darkest sky or cloud
You can make yourself heard by doing it.
So take my advice be proud of what u have.
Introduce it to everyone you know
If you do so, you get so many things in return.
You can help making our beautiful Aramean/Syriac light burn
Keep the Aramean/Syriac spirit, so that what we ask from you
we hope you will take a time and think.
Thatís the best thing you can , shall do as a true Aramean/Syriac soldier !!!!

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