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Was Israel located in the historic Hejaz?




Henri Bedros Kifa
Kamal Salibi? a Historian that does not respect the history and its scientific methodology, he is an Arabic activist more than to be an honest historian, so intellectuals can benefit from his research

His family name " Salibi " refers to his Syriac Aramaic origin, because it only means the Cross in Syriac and not Franc as referring to “Western” as some imagine so
He not only play around with the facts, but due to his fanatic and fake Arabic involvement, counterfeited and manipulated historical and Geographic facts

He is placing Israel historical existence in the Hijaz advancing linguistic arguments, its purpose is to deny Israel known historical existence

Not to sound in favor of Israel, but we are with honest depiction of historical and geographical facts

Israel historically was actually present in the west of the Jordan River and not in the Hijaz
The books of the Torah tell us about many facts that were in the days of kings David and Solomon, for example, King Solomon had ordered the digging of a long aqueduct to bring underground water through the walls of his capital, into Jerusalem

Archeologists have found this water channel in Jerusalem and not Hijaz

Finally the kings of Israel were in continuous wars with Aramean kings, especially in Damascus and has recently found a monument in Aramaic in Tel Dan in northern Israel mentions that the king of Aram had killed a King of Israel from the house of David

Kamal Salibi was not impartial as a researcher in history, and his political affiliation have impacted his methodology of his scientific research in what he claimed that Israel was located in Hijaz. Is nothing but a shining proof of geographical facts manipulating which proves him to be considered a dishonest historian

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