Accession to Federal Israel

While a federal Israel uniting Jewish Israel (subsequently renamed Judah) with contemporary Crypto-Jewish lands across the broader region – would certainly be fully and completely voluntary, accession to federal Israel would not happen automatically but will require substantial legal harmonization so as to ensure universal emancipation, open society, ethical entrepreneurial economy, representative government and the rule of law, similar indeed to the process of accession of potential new member states to the European Union. Furthermore, federal Israel should (as is already long since federal Germany) itself become become a new member state of a substantially deconstructively reformed, broadened, opened, globalized, post-Eurohuman, genetically inclusive and subsequently renamed European Union, that would welcome all civically advanced democracies as full transformed member states through unified idiomatic statehood, to the inclusion of advanced contemporary democracies like Brazil, India, Japan, South Africa and the United States. The new ethical guiding task of universal emancipation in this transformed and renamed union should crucially be to ensure minimized tyranny & minimized religious/ideological coercion through all levels of government towards all persons with emotions.

While for some Crypto-Jewish lands the process of federal accession will probably be more lengthy, it would very likely take less time for others such as Judeo-Christian Aram and a united Alevi Albania, both of which are already relatively more economically & politically developed than many other Crypto-Jewish lands and the free Aram would furthermore be Judah’s only immediate territorial neighbor state in the new federation aside from the federal capital territory in Jerusalem. Since united Israel would be a federal democracy, new member states of federal Israel would first have to become functioning democracies, functioning open societies & functioning ethical-entrepreneurial economies before being ultimately accepted for accession to federal Israel and the distinctive mutual confidence of equal sharing in Pan-Jewish democratic self-determination.

This requires among other things a shift of paradigm away from Muslim imperialism in Crypto-Jewish lands such as Pashtunistan and towards a broadened inclusive movement of Pan-Jewish democratic unification & non-domination. There are great differences in terms of societal development in different Crypto-Jewish lands and harmonization with respect to ethically-deconstructively significantly enhanced civic & economic standards of open society would obviously not happen instantly. Rather, the potential for accession to federal Israel will provide a particularly strong incentive for economic & civic change similar to the way that does since long potential membership in the European Union for European countries, once officially recognized as eligible for EU membership.

Considering the great developmental differences and the historical fact that many ethnicities of the broader Jewish nation have particularly negative experiences of minoritization, each member state of federal Israel would be completely entitled to retain full control over international immigration & intra-federal migration to their own particular member state, including by keeping border controls and maintaining their own state-specific citizenship.

The prospects for accession to federal Israel would generate a new regional dynamic whereby eligibility for membership in federal Israel will economically incentivize Crypto-Jewish peoples across the broader region towards very substantial economic & civic change. Accession to federal Israel will provide political conditions that are very much conducive to significant international investments as conclusive Jewish/Amian regional partition/unification that mutually minimizes national minoritization of local majority communities is indeed an indispensable prerequisite for comprehensive peace & ethical economic developments across the region.

While the political process of accession to federal Israel will necessarily be demanding, lengthy and rigorous, the process of accession to federal Israel is nevertheless also quite indispensable in ensuring a democratic future in the region for both broader nations, Jews and Amians. While all contemporary Crypto-Jewish lands will be mutually free to enter a single union with Jerusalem & with each other, this would certainly be intended as the initial step towards ultimate accession to a new federal Israel with all that entails in terms of comprehensive civic & economic change.

The division of jurisdiction between the Israeli federal administration and the Israeli member states would be consensually determined by the member states themselves in ways so as to avoid emergence of any new patterns of ethnic/religious domination, even within an increasingly unified, no longer mostly secret Jewish nation. Avoiding rise of new modes of ethnic/religious domination would indeed be a quite crucial part of the process of free & mutually voluntary political integration within the broader Jewish nation across the broader region. The importance attached to ethnic divisions within the broader Jewish nation (as has already increasingly happened in contemporary sovereign-indigenous Israel) is likely to transform with time as developmental differences increasingly give way to increased economic & political integration between Israeli federal member states, each having its own distinctive history, cultural heritage and member state political identity.

The incremental emergence of federal Israel would also serve to strategically undermine imperialist civilizational polarization and especially so pertaining to inflammatory Anti-Dhimmi conflict discourse by establishing an increasingly unified federal Israel as a proud and uncontested major indigenous power in the region. While Crypto-Jewish peoples share an ancient-modern Jewish nationality, they also do share a strong (although usually discreet) identification with & pride in already existing liberal-democratic, sovereign-indigenous Israel, although this very widespread political identification still remains a significant societal taboo in many countries of the broader region.

The political unification of the broader Jewish nation also involves dealing constructively & inclusively with regard to substantive issues of political identity. Every member person in Diaspora of an ethnic group of the broader Jewish nation must be legally entitled to immigrate to one constituent or future member state of federal Israel. Officially and collectively reclaiming a shared ancient-modern Jewish national identity should also crucially involve ultimately making the reclaimed Hebrew the shared primary national federal level idiom while extending equal official federal status to all official idioms of federal Israel’s constituent member states. All member state official idioms would thus also be official in the federal capital territory in Jerusalem. This anti-colonial revolution in reclamation of suppressed Jewish nationality would crucially involve extending the official status of the reclaimed Hebrew idiom to new Israeli member states generally across the broader region alongside official distinct & standardized idioms pertaining to to Jewish/Crypto-Jewish ethnicities. All member states of federal Israel should thus be at least officially bi-idiomatic in Hebrew and at least one other idiom. Notably, the official status of Hebrew as the shared Pan-Jewish national-heritage idiom of an incrementally politically unified Jewish nation with its federal capital in Jerusalem must not in any way be at the expense of official status of Jewish/Crypto-Jewish ethnic distinctive idioms of the various constituent member states of federal Israel.

Hebrew and Judean should thus be the two official idioms in Judah, while Amian and Hebrew would be the two official idioms of the restored Druze state. Kurdistan has at present two major ethnically Kurdish idioms (Kurdish has long been increasingly supplanting Zazaki, i.e. Dmili-Gorani) while Aram has one ethnic idiom (Aramaic) although most present Arameans in the land of Aram abutting the Mediterranean Sea now rather speak another oppressed Semitic idiom (i.e. Amian). Israeli federal national unification would thus make both Aram and Kurdistan officially tri-idiomatic as full member states of federal-democratic Israel. While the ethnic idiom of all Alawis remains Kurdish (still spoken in some Alawi areas), there would also likely remain a proportionally very significant Aramean population in the renewed united Alawi state to the inclusion of nearby inland Aramean areas, to the degree that Aramaic should be an official idiom in the renewed & unified Alawi state alongside Amian, Hebrew, Kurdish and Oghuz. In addition, some official status should be granted to idioms of demographically smaller idiomatic minorities in member states such as with regard to Arameans & Aramaic in the field of education in unified Judah and most historically tragically so in unified Kurdistan. Being early and inclusively fluent in multiple idioms in ways no longer related to political oppression on the part of religious imperialism is clearly an important personal and indeed collective cultural national asset.

Federal Israel, albeit constituting one single nation, will be similar to the contemporary European Union in the sense as paving the way for both democratization and regional, democratic & multi-idiomatic Kantian unification of freed peoples. The emerging federal Israel would indeed be a greenhouse for the nurturing of democratization across the broader region as an increasingly economically dynamic federal Israel will also serve to significantly increase public interest in democratization even beyond Crypto-Jewish lands and at the distinctive political expense of enemies of open society. Federal Israel would certainly be idiomatically diverse as is the European Union and would as the European Union serve to nurture a shared democratic culture of open society.

Although there are many Crypto-Jewish peoples & lands across the broader region, these emerged and developed in various historical and political contexts throughout the ages, including but not limited to those deported to what historically developed into Crypto-Jewish Kurdistan. It is in many ways quite remarkable that so many Jewish ethnic groups in the broader region have thus managed to at least partly survive intrusive religious imperialism, constituting a tremendous cultural diversity of Jewish/Crypto-Jewish historical layers in the broader region. No Jewish/Crypto-Jewish denomination or ethnicity can thus truthfully claim monopoly on Jewish nationality, Jewish ethnicity and Jewish identity. This historical and contemporary fact has always been extremely well known by top rabbinical leaders or poskim who have always been aware of and acknowledged the existence of the multiethnic broader Crypto-Jewry as also recognized in publically available historical rabbinical literature. Hence, the door needs to remain distinctly open to the multiethnic, inclusive broader house of Israel, even for those still demographically existing communities of no longer ethnically Crypto-Jewish descendants of Crypto-Jews, who in the future after learning of their historical Jewish national origins, may then seriously & sincerely come to desire to collectively reclaim the shared Jewish nationality of their Jewish/Crypto-Jewish forebears despite having been completely culturally assimilated under religious imperialism in historically losing their particular Crypto-Jewish ethnicity.

Jerusalem would be the capital of both Judah and federal Israel, serving as a symbol of Pan-Jewish national unification & national liberation after so many centuries of oppressive religious imperialism. The federal capital territory in Jerusalem would thus be the capital of the entire house of Israel of all ethnicities, no matter their geographic location or specific traditional community practices. Furthermore, it is obviously the duty of present Israel to make every effort to strategically and proactively prevent any attempted genocide against any ethnicity of the broader house of Israel. Just as Israel has a long and proud record of militarily assisting unnecessarily minoritized regional/local majorities subjected to Arabist/Islamist attempted genocide in both North Sudan and in pre-independence South Sudan, so must ethnicities and governments of the broader house of Israel never remain passive in the face of attempted/planned genocide against one of the member ethnicities of the broader house of Israel. Thus, no one in the region should doubt Israel’s readiness to take every possible & indeed necessary diplomatic & military action to fully implement this national security doctrine of strategic anti-genocide by deterring, preventing and indeed preempting any attempted or planned genocide against human beings in Syria or Grand Liban. In fact, a strong united federal Israel would be militarily well positioned to prevent intra-human genocide anywhere in the world and would also be similarly politically well positioned to peacefully promote universal emancipation for all persons with emotions.

This Pan-Jewish national liberation & political unification would truly constitute decolonization in Islamdom, allowing Crypto-Jewish peoples long suppressed by religious imperialism to officially & publically embrace their ancient/modern shared suppressed Jewish nationality in addition to their Crypto-Jewish ethnicity. The regional competing paradigms of ethnic domination between Amians and Jews/Crypto-Jews would end through conclusive partition by liberating and internally federally uniting the two nations from any remaining political ambitions of mutual or internal ethnic/religious domination – by means of conclusive region-wide partition and national federal unification that will mutually minimize minoritization of local majority communities. Muslim imperialism and the largely European-imposed colonial borders of the broader region have continued to contribute to severe regional political dysfunction and a new regional political architecture founded on universal emancipation, conclusive partition, idiomatic statehood, federalism, royal parliamentarism, responsible ethico-political deconstruction and indeed responsible democratization is thus entirely indispensable to the cause of establishment of perpetual peace in the region and beyond.

Yet, a further regional strategic challenge in Islamdom will necessarily be to discursively transform the widespread and often intense sentiments of envy & closet admiration in Islamdom towards the in every way successful & prosperous liberal-democratic, sovereign-indigenous Israel – into emulation of advanced democracy in the neighboring human nations of Amistan, Bejaland, Egypt, Nubia, Persia, Tamazgha and beyond and indeed so alongside an increasingly unified federal-democratic Israel with its capital in Jerusalem.