Arameans in the Swedish Parliament


Robert Halef (Kd)

Metin Ataseven (M)

Roger Haddad (Fp)

Ibrahim Baylan (S)

The Aramean Democratic Organisation, ArDO congratulate the new members of Parliament in Sweden and wishes them the ebst luck in making the future of Sweden more bright. ArDO shows its support to the Aramean members that are now 4 parliament members and make up 1 percent of the Swedish parliament. The Aramean memebrs represent many parties and are: Robert Halaf (KD) Kristdemokraterna Södertälje, Metin Ataseven (M) Moderaterna Södertälje,

Roger Haddad (FP) Folkpartiet Västerås, Ibrahim Baylan (S) Socialdemokraterna.

 We hope you will work for the Aramean people in Sweden but also in the Middle East so thatgenerations will be proud of you.

The Aramean Democratic Organisation

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