Aramaic Democratic Organization:s Toni Nisi in Sweden (part 2)

 By: ArDO media office

 Toni Nisi continued his tour on the different Swedish officials were he introduced many projects that got great response from the Swedish deputies.

 The Swedish deputies belonging to the Conservative Moderate party, the Center party, the Liberal party and the Christian Democrats were very understanding with the Cedar Revolution Council and the Aramaic Democratic Organizations motives.

 What confuses the Swedish deputies is the U-turn that the former general Michel Aoun, the head of the Free Patriotic Movement in Lebanon has done by allying himself with the Hezballa militia.

 Our Swedish friends expressed their trust to the Maronite Patriarch Mor Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir and supported his attempts to get the Lebanese to act for a peaceful solution in a democratic pluralistic Lebanon.

 To be continued …

Aramaic Democratic Organization:s, ArDO:s Toni Nisi on his

 political Swedish tour  (part 1)

 By: ArDO media office

 The Aramaic Democratic Organization (ArDO) in Sweden had the honour to invite the head of ArDO in Lebanon and the coordinator for WCCR in Lebanon, Mr. Toni Nisi to celebrate together the 20 years memory of the establishment.

 Toni got the chance also to visit different organizations and Parliament members to explaine the situation in Lebanon.

There were many successful days in Swedish parliament lobbying for the Aramaic and the Lebanese case.

 Toni explained the situation in Lebanon and the need of the full implementation of the UNSCR 1559 until the last one regarding Lebanon is implemented, the 1701.

 The Swedish deputies belonging to different parties in the governmental alliance of Sweden were all very positive and aware of the dark situation Lebanon is going through.

 Toni talked about the importance of understanding the problems of Lebanon correctly, mainly the confusion regarding its two main ethnic nationalities, the Arab Muslim and the Aramaic Christian. He gave a fast brief about the historical role the Aramaic Christians had in Lebanon until our days.

Toni expressed the concern the Lebanese people have toward the Hezballa militia and its allies inside Lebanon and supporters outside Lebanon. The solution according to Mr. Nisi is that the United Nations get to implement the resolutions in their special way because the Lebanese government is not able to do so as long as Hezballa is military stronger than Lebanon’s own army.

To be continued…