ArDO was heavily represented at Bachir Gmayel memorial day in  Stockholm
By: ArDO media group

When the Lebanese Forces of Sweden held their annual mass for the memorie of
the great hero of the Lebaense Christian Resistance the brother of us all,
Bachir Gmayel, ArDO was heavily present with many members remembering the
glory that Bachir gave to the Christian communities in Lebanon and the
Middle East.

We hope and dream that the Lebanese Forces never forget the spirit that
Bacho worked through and the goals that he had in mind. his goals were and
still are our goals. We all want, need and demand a stronger political
presence of the Christians in Lebanon so that the regular population can
feel that their rights are being protected from all kind of enemies, not
least the corruption within the parties and leaders supposed to be
representing the different Christian groups.

God bless the soul of ¨Bacho¨ and let his spirit be among us in our work.