ArDO about the Municipality elections in Lebanon

The Aramean Democratic Organization is happy to see that Lebanon could arrange democratic elections despite all conflicts in and outside the country.

We encourage all parties and individuals running for municipality seats to start focusing on programs that can really keep the people in their origin villages and towns. Projects that make us feel as one with the soil we live in. We should bring back the holy Aramaic Syriac culture of us and focus on how to strengthen and connect us with our roots. Without strong roots we will easily leave our land.

Money is important but money without an honest and straight goal will only destroy the soul of our people. We encourage all municipalities to:

1. Start courses in the Aramaic language.

2. Put up street signs in Aramaic to show the world who we truly are.

3. Together with churches start distributing lands to people that don’t have.

1. Knowing your forefathers language that also our lord Jesus spoke will make you feel unique in the world.

2. Having street names and building names in Aramaic will make you proud that you are who you are and no one can take this feeling from you.

3. If every family and individual has a piece of land they can take care of and invest in they will feel more for their community and for Lebanon.

Such steps will make it much harder to decide leaving Lebanon and it will make people want to improve their villages and towns. Waiting for the central state to take such steps is useless. The municipality together with the different Churches must have such vision and implement the plan on the ground.

This is what the elections should be about and not about who is the greatest ´´za3im´´ or largest family or more diplomatic party.

The struggle should be between those who have visions to emphasize the uniqueness in us and our society and those who see elections as a way to legitimate corruption and false power.

God Bless You and Our Lebnon

Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO