ArDO Achievments 2000-2015

 ArDO proudly present what its members have been doing during the last decade for the Aramean Christians.

 1. Built a grass-roots organization with thousands of supporters worldwide.

 2. Developed a database of over 30 000 Email adresses of American, European and Middle Eastern followers, think tanks, politicians and lobbyists.

 3. Established ¨strategic relationships¨ with key activists in Lebanon, Middle East, USA and EU.

 4. Organized a number of conferences, seminars and lectures to inform about the Aramean cause.

 5. Assisted key lobbyists in the UN, the EU and the USA in the drafting of resolutions for the benefit of a free Lebanon, such as the UN resolution 1559.

 6. Participated in the Lebanese parliamentary elections 2009 for the Maronite seat in Batroun.

 7. Arranged many political tours for Arameans and friends of the Aramean cause in Lebanon and Sweden.

 8. Running one of the most influential websites regarding the political situation of the Arameans.

 9. Attended most events that deals with the Aramean cause in the world.

 10. Interviewd in Aramean and international media to give the Aramean view about the situation in the Middle East.

 11. Supported the Aramaic Center in the Holy land to get the our identity recognized in the state

 12. Started a TV show

 13. Established ArDOs headquarter in Sweden and representations in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Canada and USA.

 We sincerely hope you will help make it possible for the Aramean Democratic Organisation, ArDO to continue and expand its invaluable work by contributing generously.

We need you with us both economicly and logisticly to reach the goals our people is dreaming of.

Sincerely yours,

Gabi Gallo                          Roni Doumit

President                             Foreign Relations

Aramean Democratic Organization





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