ArDO:s Tony Nissi end his trip to Sweden with a great success


President Gello together with Freddy Pano take ArDOs Tony to the airport

Rishono Tony Nisi, the head of the ArDO in Lebanon got to end his trip to Sweden in a spectacular way.

Toni appeared on Suroyo TV and Suryoyo Sat on Thursday and Friday.

He also got to meet with SUA:s president Mr. Gabriel Marawge. SUA is the Syriac Universal Alliance. 

Later in the same day there was a dinner held in his honour arranged by SOMEC, Solidarity organization for Middle East Christians.

Toni got meet on Friday different Swedish personalities and people of great influence from our Aramaic Syriac people in Sweden.

The trip was very successful and we got to plan many projects for the future between ArDO Sweden and ArDO Lebanon. More about the projects will be announced step by step.

During the visit Toni Nisi showed what a worthy leader he is to be leading the new and very important Aramaic Democratic Organization in Lebanon.

God bless him and God bless our free Aramaic people, in Lebanon, the Middle East and the entire world.

By: The Public relation section at the Aramaic democratic organization in Sweden.

ArDO supports the UN resolution 1559 until Lebanon is completly liberated

The dinner invitations were many and it was hard to thank no

meetings were very hectic during the short visit

SUA President Gabriel Marawgeh sharing the same opinion as ArDOs Tony Nissi

people were very impressed by Tonys knowledge in Middle Eastern politics

Tony Nissi and Roni Harb with the head of the peace museum in Uppsala

Tony at the swedish peace museum at the Uppsala castle

Faithful supporters of the cause of ArDO work till after midnight

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