The International community should send an investigation group to Lebanon


 Ordinary people, politicians, journalists and religious people have since many years been assassinated in Lebanon without any true investigations or trials.

 The European Council for the Cedars Revolution and the Aramaic Democratic Organization would like to see the Lebanese newly elected president acting more toward true justice in Lebanon.

 We are now calling the International community and the United Nations to take charge and intervene on the Lebanese ground and help solving all those international terrorist crimes.

 An office for Lebanese and international investigators should be open in Beirut to make it easy for the follow ups of every crime.

The investigation group for the Rafic Hariri murder is not working on further terrorist crimes and therefore we see it very necessary that such a group get established.

 We in the Lebanese lobby in Europe puts a lot of weight on the International community to help Lebanon with practical issues until the state of Lebanon is strong enough to handle the security itself and until the UN resolution 1559 is being implemented.

By:  Gabi Gallo for ArDO

and Roni Doumit for ECCR

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