ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East
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The Arameans in Ancient Syria



David Dag

Dr. Walid Phares


Roni Doumit Harb

The Tlmes of Israel

Farid Ghadry




Aramaic democratic Organization in Lebanon

The president
Tony Nissi



Henri Bedros Kipha:  


Academic on the history of the Arameans

Johny Messo


The World Council of the Cedars Revolution


Dr. Joseph Hitt






World Lebanese Cultural Union


Dr.  Sebastian P. Brock






The Aramaic Language


The blood of Paris is on Assad’s hands The Syrian dictator is not the enemy of ISIS — he is its enabler

Robert Colvile


ArDO condemns the latest jihadist terrorist attacks in Beirut and Paris.

We hope the west will know that the war against islamism can not be won by weapons.

It is a war of ideologies and we need to win this.


ArDO activist Mr. David Dag was a dear guest among our Aramean brothers and sisters in Göteborg, Sweden and held a very apriciated seminar about the Aramean identity in history and present time.  

ArDO is very sorry for the loss of Lavin Eskandar, one of our fine Aramean youth. Lavin showed great courage and has become a hero in his town Trollhättan and entire Sweden. Lavin Eskandar gave his life so that the kids in the school could live. We all wish we can have one Lavin in our childrens schools. 
God Bless your soul our Aramean Eagle Lavin Eskandar.  

ArDO and SD in Lebanon Tour

ArDO Achievments 2000-2015




Edward (Edouard) Lipiński 

ArDO support the Lebanese people in their strife to peacefully change the current corruption in the country. 
ArDO is also aware of the different attempts made by parties who need to destroy this movement and take the country into chaos. 
We believe that the ¨tol3et ri7itkon¨ movement will be wise and take the right steps. Our members and supporters will join any peaceful action under the Lebanese flag only. 

May God Help Lebanon and the Lebanese,
ArDO Media Group 

Cedars Revolution 2.0



ArDO congratulate the Lebanese army on its anniversary and gives all its support in the fight against terrorism. 
ArDO encourage the army to take control over all the Lebanese territories including the Hezbollah security areas and the armed Palestinian camps. 
The Lebanese armed forces should work more with the UN forces to implement UN resolution 1559 so that Lebanon can be free from all kind of illegal weapons. 

Dr. Walid PharesJihadi ethnic cleansing against Christians underway in central Syria?


Dr. Walid Phares

Turkey, Syria and Iraq: Arameans, the downfall of an indigenous nation, Part II


ArDO visit to Lebanon, Januari 2015

ArDO calls on all the Lebanese politicians to stand together and implement UN resolution 1559. 
If that is impossible by the current government then they need to call on the UN to assist, even under chapter 7 if needed.
If 1559 is implemented then all weapons outside the Lebanese army and police will be taken and only then we can start to build a strong and an open minded Country. 
A country were its Citizens can democraticly choose their leaders and the system they like to live in.

ArDO represented by Mr. Hicham Younes had the honour to attend the USEK Conference about Seyfo. 
It is a great step taken in the USEK University in Jounieh, Lebanon. We support that and hope that all universities and institutions would do the same. 


ArDO congratulate you Sami Gemayel


Assyria and Syria: Synonyms?





Professor Dr. John Joseph


Proposal about the naming by his beatitude Patriarch Mar Sako.Based on the draft constitution of Kurdistan Region which will be submitted soon to the regional parliament for approval, the compound name (Chaldean Syriac Assyrian) is an issue of controversy.

Meeting with The Lebanese Culture and Sports Association




Aramean Democratic Organization

To our Aramean organizations that belong to the Syriac Orthodox Church.

Aramean Democratic Organization


Khabur massacre -The stigma of shame on the forehead of the international community!

Aramean Democratic Organization


ArDO can see the troubles and problems coming to Lebanon if there will continue to exist an armed party in Lebanon controling most of the countries authorities. We in ArDO call on the Lebanese government and people to act before it is too late. 
We dont want to see any war soon but the way things are going in the country will lead to a war and then we can not undo anything. 
We must act now and if the lebanese government is not able to disarm all lebanese and foreign militias in the country then we need help from the UN to spread its troops over all territories and by force collect the illigal arms.




Shadi Risho

Arameans to seek recognition outside israel



 By Tzvi Zucker

The Aramean Identity is Our Choice

Roni Doumit

Why and When was the Myth of al-Aqsa Created?


Dr. Mordechai Kedar

Is There Really an Aramean Nation?

The Origin of the term "Syria(n) & Suryoyo once again



Johny Messo

A commendable and historical landmark: Israel recognizes as the first country in the world the Arameans of Aram-Nahrin as distinct ethnic minority.


The Arameans in Ancient Syria


Important information before the article



David Dag


Patriarch Afrem Barsoum was proud of the Aramean nation



Mor Ignatius Afrem I Barsoum


The Israel Christian Recruitment Forum - First Lieutenant (ret.) Shadi


The Rise Of The Aramean States


William M. Schniedewind


Conflict, Territory and Culture: The case of Haradu, A Fortress on the Iraqi Middle Euphrates (11th-7th century BC)




The Aramean Culture In Jish and Kafr Berem and about Kafr Ber'em Case the Aramean Maronite village In Israel. Yoman Channel 1 Israel 26.4.2013



Was Israel located in the historic Hejaz?

Henri Bedros Kifa


Two Aramean bishops kidnapped in Syria

Mgr. Yohanna Ibrahim Mgr. Paul Yazigi

Iraq: Aramean teacher and student killed in Mosul

IAF chief: Israel is preparing for day Assad falls


Christians in Israel: Strong in education

מרבית הנוצרים הערבים מתגוררים בנצרת (צילום:  זיו ריינשטיין)

ArDO congratulate the Oriental Greek Orthodox Church for its newly elected Patriach Yohana Yaziji.
We Hope the new Head of the Church will guide its members in a wise and brave way.
ArDO counts on the new Patriarch to support the groups that try to show the right identity for the people.
With strong Patriarchs in the Middle East our Aramaic people will be stronger and more united around one identity and one goal.
The impasse in the Cyprus problem is caused by Turkey, affirms President Christofias


Egypt's draft constitution

Nariman Youssef

Self Determination versus domination

Daniel Bart

The Aramaic Inscription of Zakar, King of Hamath

At Christmas, a Maronite Christian Village in Israel Revives the Language Spoken by Jesus Christ

Time World

ArDO Remembers the Great friend and Brother in the Cause, Pierre Amin Gemayel on the Annual Day of Assasination. The Strong Leader Kept on Living Close to the People Despite all the Threats He Got. He was a Great Aramean Maronite Lebanese and ArDO will Always have a Special Place for him in its Memory.

Live from the Middle East: The Beirut of the Problem

By Trish Schuh

Israeli PM Netanyahu details Operation Pillar of Defense against Hamas in Gaza

Diplo News

Many Lebanese governments in the last 20 years has been doing plunder, ripoff, steal, legalized mugging, piracy, licensed theft, cheat, snatch and swindle. Still people continue to support them and accept that they higher their already high salaries when low incomst lebanese struggles every day to survive. ArDO call the people to rise and stop supporting corruption in the governing of the country.

Obama's woman in Tehran

Challenging times for Egypt’s Coptic Community

Christian Solidarity Worldwide

ArDO congratulate the Coptic people in the World for the election of the new blessed Pope Teodoros. May the new Pope unite the Copts and be a strong voice in the Egyptian Future so that justice and equality can prevail.

Iraqi Aramean leader mourns on languishing away of Aramean presence… unseen hand… our concerns … the New World Order (NWO)… Paradigm Shift… Petrus Romanus…..


Why South Sudan became Independent


By: Roni Doumit

The Aramean Democratic Organization strongly condemns the assassination of Brig. Gen. Wissam al Hassan in Ashrafiyye

The Majestic Lebanon





By: Roni Doumit

EU sanctions against the Syrian regime once more strengthened

Diplo News


ArDO condemn the barbaric acts of islamist groups in Egypt trying to make Egypt's Copts to abandon Sinai with threats and attacks on their properties. ArDO call the new Egyptian President to send special troops to the region with one mission, the protection of the Christians.

Destroying Syria… How long?


Aramean Democratic Organization

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ArDO welcomes the new law in Lebanon regarding the banning of smoking in closed areas.
Even if we disagree in many issues with the current government but this step is still a good one.
ArDO encourage all its members to stop smoking so we can have healthy youth and a bright future.

A Maronite revival in Israel












The terms “Suraya” & Suroyo” in spoken Neo-Aramaic dialects


David Dag

The deep rooted demonic hatred against the Aramean indigenous nation


Terrorism Cannot Win: This is Why

Amir Taheri

أمير طاهري


The battle of the "Triangle" 1293Dr. Walid Phares


Dr. Walid Phares

10 Reasons the UAE Terrorist Group List Rises Above the Rest

 by Magdi Khalil 

Zobah, Beqaa, LEBANON

Biblical Geographic


The Syrian Church of Antioch Its Name  History


Mor Ignatius Afrem I Barsoum

Hezbollah moves into south Lebanon villages

Y Net

Egypt – on the path to Nazism


GCTF shows World's greater Resolve and Mobilization against Terrorism

Canada tells Syrian opposition it won’t be recognized until it rejects extremism despite U.S. acceptance

Odd Anderson / AFP / Getty Images

National Post

The Future of the Christians in the Middle East


Roni Doumit

The Christians and modern Lebanon



Roni Doumit


A group from The Aramean Democratic Organization headed by its leader Mr. Gabi Gallo had the honor to participate in the Christian mass held in Gotenburg, Sweden for the memory of Lebanon's greatest President and best leader of the Christian Middle Eastern resistance, the never dying brother Bachir Gemayel. ArDO met Nadim Gemayel, the son of Bachir and the representative of the Christian population in the Lebanese Parliament. ArDO and Mr. Nadim met after the mass and exchanged many ideas and shared many goals to reach the good life our brothers and sisters in Lebanon are dreaming of.

MENA: God grogrund för konspirationsteorier

Danjell Elgebrandt

New York Times Acknowledges that Syrian Opposition Is Targeting Christians and Other Minorities - Washington's Blog


Maronite Christians Seek To Revive Aramaic Language

The Jewish Daily

Can a dying language revive Lebanon's Christian population?

By Justin Salhani

Aramean Politician in the Politics of Holland


Aerospace Force Commander Hajizadeh: An Attack on Iran Will Lead to World War III

Memri TV

Women in the Israel Defense Forces

by: Wikipedia

The Politics of Language



Peter Berger

Mideast carnage: Appeasement and history's lessons

by: Isi Leiber


30 years since the greatest Middle Eastern Christian leader Bachir Gmayel was assassinated.
3 days of a blessed visit from the head of the largest church on earth, Pope Benedict XVI.
Both are great men that wanted and always want Lebanon to be a free country for Christians so they can play the important role of spreading the peace and democracy ideology across the Middle East.
ArDO remembers Bachir and welcomes the visit of the Pope as a salvation step and a push in the right direction to give the Christians of the Middle East hopes of a free future in our historical lands.

We urgently need a platform of all Syrian opposition groups which is committed to democracy, tolerance and pluralism

Speech by German FM Westerwelle

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The 300 Most Prominent Lebanese Americans


Refugees of the Arab Spring: The Syrian Refugees in Lebanon


As violence spreads, fewer places for Syrians to find refuge, UN agency warns


Cascon Case LEB: Lebanon 1957-58

Lebanon_sm99.jpg (82913 bytes)

Maronites in Israel Learn Aramaic

 by Judith Sudilovsky

Italian FM Terzi affirms that Now is the time to think of the "Day After" in Syria

Will Syria be the next Lebanon?

Will Syria be the next Lebanon?

By Fareed Zakaria, CNN

Solution for the crisis in Syria


By: Roni Doumit

The EU does not consider Hezbollah a terrorist group! Hezbollah organization has a long history of terrorism


By: Mostafa Geha

Iran's Intervention in Syria Must Be Stopped

Alon Ben Meir

Explaining Pan-Jewish Nationhood

By Daniel Bart

Israel's Declaration of Independence on May 14, 1948

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